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Day to day general shopping

Close by is the village of Frichebois with our local boulangerie which you can walk or bike to for your breakfast croissants, pain au chocolate and pain or baguettes. They also have a delivery van which gets to us around 9.30 am.

Outside Frichebois at La Charrie, there is an excellent farm shop, open during the summer season, which sells a great range of fresh veg and home produce. Not to be missed.

For a local supermarket, or market run, either St Savinien or St Porchaire are within say a ten minute drive and will satisfy most if not all your requirements. The St Savinien Intermarche has a very fine fish counter with excellent seafood as well.



There is an excellent, but at a cost, wine dealer / cave in St Savinien from which you will be able to extract some very fine wines if the supermarket offerings are not to your taste.


For a huge supermarket, the City of Saintes has a range of vast retail warehouse type aircraft hangers stocked with everything you can imagine, plus quite a lot you would never have thought of putting on your shopping list!


Local markets

These are plentiful and fun. It is really a question of checking when these are on dependant upon the time of year as they do seem to change for odd occasions. As a general rule the following has been known to apply:

St Savinien is usually Saturday morning

St Porchaire is usually Wednesday morning

Taillebourg is usually Friday morning

Rochefort has markets on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Saintes has one every day except Monday except the first one in the month!

Do remember to get there early as they closedown very suddenly and you can miss the best.


Retail therapy

Retail therapy can be best found in La Rochelle, Angouleme or closer to home, Saintes, which has a very cleverly redeveloped central shopping area full of fashion shops and restaurants. Not for the faint hearted Dad but there are good little bars around in which to chill out in while your charge cards get a serious work out courtesy of your wife and daughters!


These are too numerous to list and each to their own, but at the house there are various cards and recommendations from our guests, for most tastes, dependant upon how far you want to travel.

Locally, some not to miss

Auberge des Glycines, Taillebourg   

L’Eloise, Pont L’Abbe D’Arnoult  
Le Bruant, St Porchaire
Clos des Cours, Saintes 
Le Cayenne, La Cite de l'Huitre           



Fabian with the cheeseboard at Restaurant L'Eloise


Assiette des crevettes at Le Cayenne


Chateau de Lamarque Haut Medoc