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French Pool Safety Legislation.


The French Government has now imposed a very strict safety code on all properties offered to let in France which include a swimming pool. This is known as the AFNOR Standards. However this standard is only deemed to comply if the use of the pool conforms to the specific requirements. These stipulate that all access points to the pool area are closed and locked at all times and must never be propped open. These regulations will not only help to protect any young children who visit as guests, but are also designed to protect any third party children who might otherwise be at risk, even if they come onto the premises uninvited. In this latter respect as the property is walled with high gates this is less likely, but nonetheless the letter of the law must be obeyed.


Failure to comply can result in a fine of 45,000 euros. Consequently owners are required to advise all visitors to their properties of the visitor’s responsibility to comply with these regulations, to ensure that they keep the gate closed and locked throughout their stay at the property. The locking system in place is very simple and is not onerous to use as the gate is self closing and self locking, and simply ensures that persons under a certain height will not be able to reach the catch.


To help comply please take this document as formal notification to you of the Law, and acknowledge that you have read and understood these requirements by signing and returning a copy of this Declaration to me, when you return your Booking Form with the Initial Payment.





I understand the requirements set out above and our party will ensure that the gate to the pool area is kept closed and locked at all times





Signed:                                                    Name in block capitals: